Land Development, Permits and Enforcement

Storm pondsNew District Rules were adopted April 1, 2015.  Visit the Rules & Application Materials page for more information.

Stormwater runoff from development sites poses water quality and quantity concerns. The District’s regulatory program has been implemented to address these concerns through enforcement of District Rules.

The construction permit program is designed to allow contractors and developers to work with District staff to address adverse water resource impacts during the design and construction phases of development.

Detailed information can be found in the material in the links below. Please contact Nicole Soderholm, Permit Program Coordinator, with any questions or concerns.

Free Money!
We have incentive money available up to a 100% reimbursement if you can provide additional volume reduction on your site or if you provide volume reduction on a construction site under one acre in size!  Check out our BMP Incentive Program for more details.

Rules & Application Materials

Volume Reduction

Erosion and Sediment Control


Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

Class V Injection Wells

MPCA's Industrial Stormwater Permit

Other Materials

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