Public Involvement & Education (PIE)

We all live in a watershed and we all have busy lives…and change takes time. To address this reality, the Public Involvement and Education Program has a long range vision and broad implementation strategy for interaction with the variety of people who live and work in the District. Since January 2003 the District has invited the volunteers and partners of the previous year to a Recognition Dinner. The list of volunteers and partners has grown each year. 

Students moving mulch

Community leaders have an important role. Outreach to leaders in local schools, local governments, and various community organizations is designed to both use their services and help them educate their own network of coworkers, neighbors, friends and family members.

Outreach to the general public to raise awareness of stormwater concerns is accomplished through partnerships and various media. Cleanwatermn posts the latest water quality related public service announcements. Monthly articles and special press releases are published in local newspapers. Our public events include:Waterfest

District tours, workshops and other events
Leap Award Program and Ceremony

The District sends a monthly eNewsletter to over 700 people to explain our agency, volunteer and school stewardship activities, and public events. To see the latest list of District sponsored events click here

Seeing is believing!! Drive, bike or walk to any of the many demonstration projects visible to passersby in the District:


Major programs serve as umbrellas for various ongoing programs and evolving activities:

  1. The Citizen Advisory Commission serves to coordinate Teams that work on various District activities.
    WAC Meeting
  2. The Ramsey-Washington Public Works Forum serves to enhance communications for MS4 permit holders in the District.
  3. The K-12 Program serves to engage schools in watershed stewardship activities for student education and for outreach to adjacent neighborhoods and community organizations.


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