Watershed Management Plan 2017-2026

Strategic OverviewThe RWMWD Watershed Management Plan is a ten-year plan that includes goals, actions, and measures in six primary areas—surface water quality, ecosystems, flood control, groundwater, citizen education and involvement, and organizational management. The Plan was prepared in accordance with Minnesota Statutes 103D and 103B.231, and Minnesota Rules 8410. This Plan is the District’s fifth watershed management plan.

Early on in the planning process, the RWMWD formed a Planning Advisory Group (PAG), made up of citizens, agency representatives, and RWMWD staff. Citizen members included representatives of the RWMWD Citizen Advisory Commission (CAC), and other local organizations. Agency representatives included state, regional, county, and city staff members. Prior to submitting the RWMWD Plan for formal review, the RWMWD solicited comments on a preliminary draft of the RWMWD Plan from the PAG, and the CAC.

The RWMWD Plan was submitted for formal review to RWMWD cities, counties, state and regional agencies, adjacent WMOs, and the PAG. After formal review of the RWMWD Plan, the Board of Managers held a public hearing on the RWMWD Plan. The Plan was subsequently approved by the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) in April of 2017.

The plan consists of two main parts:

  1. The Strategic Overview is designed to reach a broad audience and provide an understanding of the RWMWD’s past, present and future approach to effective watershed management;
  2. The full Watershed Management Plan provides more specific details about the RWMWD resources and the District’s functions.


Our Plan


These documents require Adobe Reader or a similar pdf reader for viewing. The entire plan is also available in our office.

Last updated 12/11/2017
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