District Projects

Capital improvement projects are long term/permanent solutions to flood control and water quality problems. Although most of these are 'pond and pipe' style approaches, many of them also incorporate habitat restoration. Such projects are listed in the Natural Resources area of this web site.

Click on the site numbers on the map, or on project name & number the left side of the page to view project details.

1-Battle Creek 2-Tanner Lake Wetland 3-Fish Creek 4-Owasso Basin 5-Phalen Outlet 6-Carver Ravine 7-Tanners Outlet 8-Casey Outlet 9-Gervais Mill Pond 10-Kennard Street Structure 11-PCU Pond 12-Lower Afton Drainway 13-Battle Creek Pipe Repair 14-Kohlman Basin 15-Phalen Wetland 16-Tanners Improvements 17-NSP Urban Eco Ctr 18-Kohlman Creek Bank 19-Gervais Beach Pond 20-Tamarack PFS 21-Beltline Interceptor Relief 22-Black Tern Pond Outlet 23-Fortis Pond Enhancements 24-Valley Creek Rd Basins 25-ABI Pond 26-Battle Creek Lake Berm 27-Willow Creek Drainage 28-Savage Lake Outlet 29-District Office 30-Vogel Drainage 31-Owasso Basin Improvements 32-Carver Porous Pavement 33-Fish Creek Repair 34-Beaver Lake Outlet 35-West Vadnais Outlet 36-Creek Monitoring Stations 36-Creek Monitoring Stations 37-Lake Monitoring Stations 37-Lake Monitoring Stations 37-Lake Monitoring Stations 38-Enhanced Sand Filter 39-Permeable Limestone 40-Maplewood Mall Retrofit 41_Living Streets Demo

Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District, 2665 Noel Drive, Little Canada MN 55117